Be it by filling a key leadership role, urgently staffing a freelance design need, or working with individuals on developing a job search strategy, our goal is simple: elevation. To elevate an organization, elevate a career, and make a match that blends as well as Bordeaux.

If Product is our muse and Strategy our mistress; then Design (Visual + UX) is our one true love. But digital experience runs deep, thus we can work with myriad roles including (but not limited to) project and account managers, copywriters, technologists, strategists, etcetera. Generally speaking, we love idea people, and are always game for a conversation on side-projects and entrepreneurship.

We view talent acquisition and management holistically; and are flexible and creative in our approach. Sometimes process creation and management training are required. Sometimes, research. Much of the time it is filling an important role that Company X doesn’t have time, resources, or expertise to handle.

So, help us help you. Get in touch! Refer your friends! Both!


  • Contingency + Retained Search
  • Executive Search
  • Urgent Freelance Staffing
  • Sourcing/Research/Lead-Generation Projects
  • Recruitment Process + Strategy Consulting


  • Career Coaching
  • Job Search Strategy
  • Resume Writing
  • Portfolio Review/Critique
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